Grapheme phoneme mapping online games and activities (FREE)

The High-Frequency Words Game:

The High-Frequency Words Phonics Game is a phonics-based educational tool that employs Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Principles to teach sight words in a more effective way than the traditional method of relying on pure visual memory and repetition. Through this game, learners can enhance their phonemic awareness, comprehend the connections between sounds and letters, and gain a more profound understanding of how words function.

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Unscramble word game – Grapheme Tiles Manipulation

A different approach to unscramble word games!

Unscramble games normally focus on putting in order the LETTERS in a target word, rather than the actual GRAPHEMES that represent each of the sounds in a word.

How about giving children unscrambled graphemes instead? Well, this is exactly what you’ll be able to do with our grapheme tiles, facilitating the process of Orthographic Mapping for our kids.

Kids will not only practicing sound-letter associations, but also building their ability to recognize and remember common spelling patterns, and form their pool of familiar words for immediate retrieval.

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