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The High-Frequency Words Phonics Game!

How to Learn High-Frequency Words using Phonemic Awareness / Phonics Principles?

This Game (we’ve called it The High-Frequency Words Phonics Game) uses Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Principles to teach “sight words” is a much more efficient way than the traditional methodology based on pure visual memory and repetition.

With this game, learners can build their phonemic awareness, recognize the relationships between sounds and letters, and develop a deeper understanding of how words work.

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Once you complete this part, continue to part 2 of the game below!


Why using Phonics Principles for Learning High-Frequency Words makes much more sense than learning them visually?

If you want to know more about the importance of using phonics and phonemic awareness when teaching high-frequency words (also wrongly called sight words), we recommend you read this post and this post.

However, just to quickly summarize why using Phonics and Phonemic Awereness makes so much sense than learning by sight!

  1. We do not store them visually.
  2. We store these words in our memory through the process of ortographic mapping (which is precisely what your child will be doing when playing this game).
  3. Most high-frequency words are, in fact, decodable phonetically.
  4. Even non-decodable words contain some decodable parts. In fact, almost all of them do!

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