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Discover our learn-to-read materials

Designed to gain mastery at reading following our signature approach

What is the approach? 

Well… Good old phonics, but with a twist!  

The twist is combining it with:

1. A strong focus on Phonemic Awareness

2. Concepts are presented in a carefully designed, gradual progression that builds upon each other

3. The concept of Orthographic Mapping

4. A focus on patterns for tacking irregularities!

This is work in progress… We don’t have many products yet, as we focus on quality rather than quantity. More materials are on the way, plus -of course- you can always take advantage of the materials on our library of FREE resources (which will always stay free, and will also keep growing!)



Your child needs lots of practice at sounding out words and blending!

Consonant Blends Ultimate Practice List  will give your child the practice that s/he needs to be able to confidently read complex word structures, containing consonant blends!

Is this the right product for you?  

  • This word list is ideal for children transitioning from reading simple CVC words (Consonant Vowel Consonant words) to more complex words with blends (CCVC/CVCC words or even CCVCC words).
  • 30 pages of word lists, including both words with initial and with final consonant blends.
  • Use it as it is, or use it to make your own teaching materials!
  • No need to scour the internet anymore, looking for these lists!

Not sure yet? See a sample page before purchasing!

Phonics Mastery Word List - The ULTIMATE Phonics List

Say goodbye to endless hours spent preparing your phonics materials! A comprehensive compilation of carefully curated word lists that match our exact phonics  sequence!

  • Get your lessons ready in a snap! Save hours and hours of research, frustration and hard work, scouring the internet, looking for words that are appropriate for your child’s reading level!

  • Find the right words for that specific phonics pattern/rule you want to focus on! Simply look for it on the index and… voilà! You’ll find a whopping amount of words to practice with!

  • A seamless learning experience! Each list builds upon the skills covered on the previous ones, giving your children or students lots of opportunities for review.

    But , if this wasn’t enough…  

You’ll be guided every step of the way with lots of comments, tips and tricks!  
We have included a sequence of introduction of high-frequency words according to phonics principles. YES!
You’ll be able to practice right away with print-outs.  Blank print-outs too, so you can easily make your own lessons.

If you are an educator, this is the phonics gem you were looking for, but didn’t even know existed!

Not sure yet? See a sample before purchasing!

Plus download our Phonics Sequence and Scope for free.

The High-Frequency Words PHONICS Bundle

A breakthrough in sight words instruction! Align phonics lessons with sight words instruction with our color-coded flashcards! 

We have also included other symbols and signals to help beginning students make sense of phonics rules instinctively!

  1. Use phonics principles to teach high-frequency words easily with our phonics flashcards!
  2. Our colors and symbols will help your students make sense of the rules instinctively.
  3. Better word retention in long term memory: Words are classified by difficulty level and by spelling patterns, rather than by order level.
  4. Become a true expert: Don’t forget to read the FAQ’s document! It is like a crash-course on High-Frequency words in itself!
  5. Package includes: color-coded key-coded flashcards, plain flashcards, coloring flashcards, a “must-read” FAQ’s document!

NEW!!! PhonixPals Mnemonic Alphabet Flashcards

The Most Powerful Way to Learn Letter Sounds Once and for All!

Our mnemonic letter flashcards have embedded pictures that will help your child make a connection between letter shape and sound in a very intuitive way.

For instance, the letter “b” resembles the shape of “b, b, bee,” the letter “c” resembles the shape of a “c, c, cookie,” the letter “d” resembles the shape of a “d, d dog”, the letter “e” resembles the shape of a “e, e, elephant”, the  letter “f” resembles the shape of a  “f, f, fish”, etc.

This facilitates learning of letter sounds with fewer repetitions, reduces confusion and improves long-term memory. Why does the letter “c” have that shape? Oh, because it’s got the shape of a yummy /k/ /k/ cookie.

Why does the letter “d” have that shape? Oh, because there’s a dog hiding in it.

Suddenly, all of those random letter shapes start to make A LOT OF sense!

Our flashcards are:

  • Highly intuitive
  • Cute and colorful: 
  • Familiar Themes for Children:
  • Clear and free from confusion:
  • Fun and engaging: 
  • Affordable
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