Reading Instruction Methodologies Guide

Table of contents: Intro: Should we use apps for teaching reading or not? App #1: Learn with Homer App #2: Read more
In today’s article we are going to go through the 44 English phonemes. But, let's clarify some KEY concepts before Read more
If your child is learning to read, or about to learn to read, you may have heard of the term Read more
Today we are going to be looking at Phonemic Awareness vs. Phonological Awareness. You may have heard that these two Read more
teaching open and closed syllables to children learning to read.
Open and closed syllables are 2 of the most frequent syllable types that occur in English. In this article you Read more
Read aloud apps
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Orthographic Mapping in the classroom
TABLE OF CONTENTS: What is Orthographic Mapping? How Can We Do This Orthographic Mapping Process Successfully? Examples of Orthographic Mapping Read more
Understanding the differences between Decodable and Levelled Books (or Readers)
Both decodable and levelled books have been  created for beginner readers. They are, in fact, the 2 main categories of Read more
Picking The Right Reading Curriculum for Your Child
How To Choose the Right Learn to Read Program for your Child... If you are looking for a reading program Read more
Table of contents: Overwhelmed trying to find the best learn to read program? Why not all phonics programs are created Read more