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Introducing the book How to teach a child to read from scratch step-by-step?/The Roadmap to Reading Success

We are really excited to announce that our guide “How to Teach a Child to Read from Scratch Step-by-Step?/The Simple Roadmap to Reading Success” is finally available for purchase on Amazon KDP.

This books reveals a simple (yet very powerful) signature blueprint to turn a child into a successful reader for life!

In this life, there’s foundations to everything. Reading included. In this book  you’ll discover how to set up the right foundational skills for literacy success, and the 5 key elements we’ve identified for a learn-to-read strategy that really works.



How To Teach a Child to Read from Scratch Step-by-Step?: The Simple Roadmap to Reading Success Kindle Edition

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What if you’ve never taught a child to read before?

Many parents want to teach their children to read, but don’t even know where to start.

Some educators feel lost and overwhelmed: conflicting information, nonsense methodologies, rigid beliefs… Finding useful, actionable information and materials is tricky, time-consuming and confusing.

In this guide, we wanted to take the intimidation factor out of the picture. This book really takes the mystery and the guessing out of teaching reading and works even if you have never taught a child to read before.

What is the blueprint on the book based upon?

The step-by-step signature blueprint outlined in the book is not based on memorization, guessing or word shapes, but on a logic, simple and sensible phonics-based approach that children can enjoy. This system allows students achieve their full potential at reading.

Made for the super-busy agendas

Honestly, less is more. Especially when you are a parent. I know that very well! Crazy agendas, drop offs, pick offs, preparing meals, planning out holidays and birthday parties… And so much more!

That is why in this book you’ll find no fluff, no complication. This book goes to the point and is written in a very digestible format, so you can start implementing what you learn straight away.

If you want to go deeper on certain points, we also include lots of references to external resources.

Do we recommend using sight words?

We have already mentioned before that the system used in this book does not rely on sight words.

You are maybe familiar with this scene: fighting with lists upon lists of sight words and flashcards that your child (or student) has to memorize, just to discover s/he has forgotten them the next day.

Learning to read this way is boring and unenjoyable…  For everyone: children, parents, educator, tutors, carers…

Good news! Learning to read doesn’t have to be that arduous, boring task anymore! There is another way.

Look. I hear you. Is this even possible? Is English not all over the place when it comes to spelling?

While there are exceptions and words that just have to be memorized, the reality is there are not so many. I know this is probably not what you’ve heard before, that it goes against the common belief, but in this guide you will discover that is not the case.

What you have to be careful about is how you introduce sounds, rules, concepts, phonics, etc. In this book, you’ll discover how to go about it, as this is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Besides, did you know that overrelying on word memorization and visual memory is a very inefficient way for teaching reading?

How will How to Teach a Child to Read from Scratch Step-by-Step help you?

If you are a parent, by following the process this guide reveals, you will be setting up the right foundational skills for turning your child into a successful reader. If you are the parent or the carer of a struggling reader, you’ll understand that it is probably the methods and not your child (or you!) to blame for his/her struggle.

If you are a literacy educator, having access to this powerful framework will turn you into a confident and successful educator that can make an impact on your students’ future.



How To Teach a Child to Read from Scratch Step-by-Step?: The Simple Roadmap to Reading Success Kindle Edition



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