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Homeschool Literacy Curriculums 101: 6 POPULAR Teaching Reading Styles EXPLAINED!

If you are looking for a homeschool literacy curriculum, keep reading because this article is for you! With countless options available, each claiming to be effective, it’s challenging to navigate the sea of information and understand the differences between curriculums. The process of finding the right reading curriculum can be long and extremely confusing! Our […]

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How to help children that can’t blend sounds? Top 10 Strategies to tackle difficulties blending words!

Why is it that so many beginner readers struggle to read very simple, very short, very regular words? Simple words like “mat”, “cat”, “sit” or “Sam”? The most common reason is that they have problems blending! Blending is the process where you take all the individual sounds in a word and push them together to […]

phonics reading instruction methodologies synthetic phonics

Amazing Phonics Games and Activities You Need to Try Out- AT Home OR CLASSROOM Setting!

Are you looking for phonics activities and games? Then, you are on the right place! In this post I will share with you an array of powerful phonics games and activities to will help your children or students learn to read following the phonics approach. Hold your breath, because we are going to cover a […]

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Children Learning Reading Review – All You Need To Know Before Buying!

What will you learn of this review of the Children Learning Reading Program?  INTRO: Why did I get interested in the program? WHAT: What is Children Learning Reading? HOW: How does Children Learning Reading work? MATERIALS: What materials do you get with the Program? PRICE: How much does Children Learning Reading cost? BUY: How to […]

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