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How to help struggling readers at home – 12 Important Questions to Reflect on!

In this post, we are going to cover a sensitive topic: how to help struggling readers at home. I am actually going to ask you to reflect on a few questions you should ask yourself before putting the label ‘struggling reader’ to your child. This is because in the answer to these questions, you may […]

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Sounding out words phonetically – How to Blend Sounds? AVOID this common mistake!

In this post, we are going to talk about sounding out words correctly, because this is a crucial skill for becoming a fluent reader. But, wait, before you even  start working on this skill with a child, he/she should be able to recognize the  the individual in words, also called phonemes. So, it is really […]

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Children Learning Reading Review – All You Need To Know Before Buying!

What will you learn of this review of the Children Learning Reading Program?  INTRO: Why did I get interested in the program? WHAT: What is Children Learning Reading? HOW: How does Children Learning Reading work? MATERIALS: What materials do you get with the Program? PRICE: How much does Children Learning Reading cost? BUY: How to […]

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Whole Word vs Phonics – Reading Wars! – Understanding the Differences between these 2 Approaches

Reading wars, Whole word VS. Phonics, whole language advocates vs. phonetics enthusiasts… Who would imagine that learning to read could be such a controversial topic? But sadly, it is! And I use the word SADLY for a good reason: Because the ones that normally pay the consequences of this disagreement are our children! In this […]

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