Recommendations – Best Reading Curricula and Learn-to-Read Materials

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Phonics Programs that I like...

Phonics Program #1

Perfect for young readers and enhancing reading skills at home. Their distinctive system seamlessly blends Phonemic Awareness and Synthetic Phonics. 

It offers a comprehensive package with short, simple and concise lessons, that are easy to implement.

The program is divided in two stages (foundational and advanced), but everything is included in the same purchase.


Phonics Program #2

Following the Orton-Gillingham approach, this homeschooling curriculum is well-regarded for its suitability for children who thrive on multi-sensory learning. 

All About Reading/All About Spelling offers explicit phonics instruction through a multi-sensory approach.

A solid choice for homeschooling, especially for children facing challenges in reading. Tackles reading and spelling separately.

Phonics Program #3

Ideal for kids who thrive on routine and lovee audio-visual learning!

It offers an 8-level sequential phonics program supported with video lessons.

The curriculum includes an app for a comprehensive learning experience, making it perfect for busy parents. 

Phonics Program #4

Catered to children who excel in multi-sensory learning and those with dyslexia or reading difficulties.

This homeschooling curriculum is rooted in the Orton-Gillingham approach. 

 It delves deeply into the “logic of English” by emphasizing English rules.

Other interesting curricula

Literacy apps I like

A comprehensive literacy curriculum in an app, featuring 99 meticulously designed lessons. It includes a library of scaffolded phonetically- decodable ebooks, complemented by printable worksheets and print-at-home educational games that enhance the learning experience. The approach combines synthetic phonics and the Direct Instruction method to effectively teach reading.


Learning to Spell with Homer

This educational app stands out for establishing strong foundations for fluent reading, offering extensive customization based on children’s preferences. Using the proven Synthetic Phonics approach, it integrates beginner math, social skills, arts, and self-expression. The app is particularly beneficial for early reading skills, such developing phonemic awareness  and learning the letters.


Readability Tutor

ReadabilityTutor (300 x 300 px) (2048 x 1152 px)

An innovative app that harness Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition to help out your chid as she’s reading. If an error occurs, the app gently corrects it, mimicking the way a parent would guide a child during shared reading. Upon completing a book, comprehension questions are presented to ensure your child grasps the text. This app is both available on Android and iOS platforms. 

Our own literacy materials

(More in the pipeline!)

Consonant Blends Ultimate Practice List

Build proficiency in reading words containing consonant blends! This is the ideal material for a child transitioning from CVC into more complex words.

The Phonics Mastery 
Word List 

Our Phonics Mastery Word List will turn into your reference material!  Find just the right words for your child’s reading level in a snap!


High-Frequency Words Phonics Flashcards

Close the gap between phonics and sight words and take your teaching to the next level!

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