Comparing the Homer app VS Hooked on Phonics – KEY Differences and Similarities Revealed!

Both Hooked on Phonics and Learn with Homer are very popular literacy or learn-to-read apps. These apps are especially popular among beginner readers, and they both seem to offer and promise very similar things. So, if you are torn between one or the other… Well, it’s actually not surprising at all! This article will go […]

phonemic awareness

What is Phonemic Awareness? Why is It SO Important?

Before learning to read, we first must learn to hear. What is Phonemic Awareness? Phonemic Awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate the individual sounds that form words. For instance, the word cat is formed by the following individual sounds (or phonemes): /c/ /a/ /t/. Using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), this word […]

early reading

What are pre-reading skills? Why are they SO Important? 6 MUST-HAVE Early Literacy Skills for future reading Success!

Before learning to Read… Learning to read is a complex task. It is actually very different from learning to speak. Learning to read doesn’t happen naturally, as speaking does. And it doesn’t happen all at once. There is a constant progression in the development of reading ability over time. But before learning to read your […]

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